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For over 30 years the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) has spearheaded efforts to identify, support and nurture the most talented and promising conservationists in developing countries – people who represent the future of global biodiversity conservation.

CLP is a unique collaboration that draws on the combined expertise and complementary skills of three internationally renowned conservation organisations – BirdLife International, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

The programme has funded more than 600 projects in over 100 countries, providing grants, training and mentoring that have helped kick-start the careers of thousands of gifted young people across its global network. Many CLP alumni today lead their own national organisations, occupy senior positions in international organisations and play important roles within IUCN Species Specialist Groups.

CLP awards play a vital long-term role in developing tomorrow’s conservation leaders, but they also support projects that bring about immediate conservation gains for threatened species and ecosystems worldwide.

Species that have directly benefited range from the obscure – Togo slippery frogs in Ghana and slender-snouted crocodiles in Gabon – to the iconic and charismatic – snow leopards in China, Amur tigers in Russia, whale sharks in Indonesia, and monkey-eating eagles in the Philippines.

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“Through CLP support, Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative was transformed from a student research expedition into a practical conservation organisation.”
Makala Jasper, CEO Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative

CLP support for research on the highly prized African blackwood, or mpingo, which was threatened by overharvesting, did not just help to save an iconic tree species from commercial extinction. It also led to the formation of one of Tanzania’s most successful conservation organisations, Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative. With CLP alumnus Makala Jasper at the helm, it has already helped around 25 local communities to conserve over 100,000 hectares of forest and holds the only Forest Stewardship Council certificate in Africa for community-managed natural forest.

CLP has a proven track record of converting young conservationists into leaders and role models. In 2004, Julie Hanta Razafimanahaka joined a CLP-funded bat project in her native Madagascar. Bolstered by a series of CLP awards, she rose through the ranks to become Director of Madagasikara Voakajy. Julie now manages a team of 40 staff at this leading national NGO, which was established with CLP support and works with local communities to protect native Malagasy species and their habitats.

Donate now to CLP and support more people like Julie and Makala, and add to a growing global network of committed conservationists who are the future custodians of our planet.

To learn more about some of the groundbreaking achievements of CLP award winners and their projects, visit
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Conservation Leadership Programme
Dr Karron James-Scholl
Dr Karron James-Scholl in the field with an Antiguan racer

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First aid kit $25 could purchase equipment...
...vital to field-based species monitoring in the tropics.

walkie talkies $250 could buy GPS sensors... help record and gather information on elusive species like snow leopards and tigers.

Full kit $12,500 could fund a CLP Future Conservationist Award...
...enabling a team to carry out urgently needed conservation work